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Dating in your senior years can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Lansing senior dating is available at your fingertips when you pick the right online dating opportunity.

DoULikeSenior gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to senior singles in Lansing (and beyond!). All that you have to do is visit the dating site, enter your search criteria and voila – you’re on your way to a new romance.

A local senior group has limited capabilities in terms of introducing new romantic opportunities to the mix. Internet platforms have changed the dating game. If you want to meet singles in your area, you may as well begin with an online experience. It will help you get to know each other better before moving on to the next step.

At DoULikeSenior, you will simply have to choose your criteria and get started. It simple for senior people meet each other. Whether you want to meet singles over 50,60,70 (or maybe even 80!) or you’re interested in new friendships, this is the opportunity to try. Finding senior singles in Lansing has never been easier!

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Senior Dating in Lansing, MI

40 year old woman

About me: I'm going to assume the people that view my page aren't stupid because it's obvious ya'll know my name because it's right up there and of course it says my age and well where I live..... For all those that might be thinking hmmmm she sure looks familiar, but just no

41 year old woman

Virgo is of an earthy nature and is representative of the sixth sign of the zodiac. You belong to a group of people known for their perfectionist and highly analytical minds. In a way, Virgos are misunderstood and this attention to detail and striving for excellence has in many circles given you a rather unusual reputation for being extremely critical. The fact is that you aspire to doing things properly, methodically through the work and service that you perform.

54 year old woman

I am still waiting for that special person who is laid back and not over bearing. i love to laugh tease and enjoy myself. We can stay in or head for the lake its all good. i love to fish and a real tom girl it but at the same I can kick back on the grass and cuddle. Ideal age 44 to 56. I am an acquired taste so you will either love me or hate me and know you can never change me. I am also laid back and because women are catty unpredictable people most of my friends are guys. When I have a special guy it's him and no one else and know that I do not sleep with my friends. That is what ruins friendships. I am trying to keep my life simple with out any unwanted drama. This life do over is going to be done knowing my past mistakes. I

41 year old woman

I am very outgoing, love being around people, have huge range of things I like to do. I love adventures. I'm very spontaneous. My job involves helping people which is something I also love doing. For more info, click yes. :) (More pictures to come...)

41 year old woman

Most people say I have a good personality and that I am out going... I do have my off days but don't we all... Let's see life is way to short to stay mad long cause in the long run you might lose something important to you...

41 year old woman

Im a sweet fun loveing woman looking for someone to love me and not break my heart like every person i've ever been with has. Im easy to get along with and im very honest so if you have any guestions ask away!!!!

42 year old man

im a fun loving guy whp just went threw a divorce looking for a girl that will make me feel good about me again . i just need someone to sho all the love i have inside to..

42 year old man

wellcurrently deployed to Iraq with army nationl gaurd a friend told me about this site thought i would come on and see if it was any good theres not much about me to talk about im a bit of a antsocial quiet at times love to joke around and have fun try and keep a low stress level.....

79 year old man

I'm 78 and retired. I have 3 cats for housemates. I have 2 antique cars for summer projects. Not into traveling. I usually stay rather close to home. Interested in just about anything.

42 year old man

Hey. Well I am currently in my first year of law school at U of M and loving it! I own a real estate investment company in Detroit.(Buy and rent houses.) I am very open-minded and laid back about things. I enjoy goth, punk, some county music, sci-fi, horror movies, motorcycles, cigars, Jim Bean, bee

48 year old man

I'm looking for a woman to treat like my Queen for the rest of my life..Im honest , confident, caring man. I'm the most caring honest man a woman can find. I love listening to my mate talk about her day. Most guys would get bored and tune her out,but not me I soak it up.

69 year old man

A good and blessed day to each of you thank you for stopping to read. I am in the Lansing area 5 foot 9 inches tall 165 pounds and 67 years. I love to travel and have been able and very blessed to travel too many different countries through my work. interested in someone who is adventurous open-mind

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