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Dating in your senior years can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Washington,DC senior dating is available at your fingertips when you pick the right online dating opportunity.

DoULikeSenior gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to senior singles in Washington,DC (and beyond!). All that you have to do is visit the dating site, enter your search criteria and voila – you’re on your way to a new romance.

A local senior group has limited capabilities in terms of introducing new romantic opportunities to the mix. Internet platforms have changed the dating game. If you want to meet singles in your area, you may as well begin with an online experience. It will help you get to know each other better before moving on to the next step.

At DoULikeSenior, you will simply have to choose your criteria and get started. It simple for senior people meet each other. Whether you want to meet singles over 50,60,70 (or maybe even 80!) or you’re interested in new friendships, this is the opportunity to try. Finding senior singles in Washington,DC has never been easier!

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Senior Dating in Washington,DC, DC

42 year old woman

I have 3 beautiful children that I love with my whole heart and soul; they are my life, my love. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them spoiled little brats!!! LOL!!! I am a pretty friendly and outgoing person, it sometimes gets mistaken for flirting by the male sp

45 year old woman

I consider myself to be an extremely fun person to be around. I love to laugh, or to make somebody else laugh so hard milk squirts out their nose.I'm into bubble baths, mexican food (or eating mexican food IN the bubble bath), long walks on a sandy beach, guys with few teeth, mouth breathe

44 year old woman

What can I say, if you know me, you like me. IF you don't know me, you might be missing something. I've traveled all over, Italy, France, Ireland, India. I've lived a lot of places as well. Alaska, Wisconsin, NY, Las Vegas.

45 year old woman

I am a very proud parent of four beautiful children. Soon I will get to live out a life long dream and become a nurse. You scored as Angel . Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love,

41 year old woman

I'm undoubtedly an optimist.I strive to be a good friend, openminded, thoughtful, up for adventures, passionate (about work, play, people, music..)genuine, playful,introspective but outgoing.

45 year old woman

About me: I was born to be a smart-ass, as some of my friends would say...I am a loveable type person that enjoys many things. I love to talk with people, hang out and be outdoors. I love to fish and enjoy doing so anytime that I can.

46 year old man

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that I can learn to let go, things go wrong so that i can appreciate them when they're right, I believe LIES so I can eventually learn to trust NO ONE but myself, and sometimes good things fall aprt so better things can fall

46 year old man

Hi. My name is Gonzalo Prieto. I was born in Argentina I love music and I love to dance. I speak both english and spanish. I love beautiful women and going to night clubs. Im just looking to make new friends. Send me a message

48 year old man

Am affectionate & passionate man who loves to laugh, joke, flirt & tease. I also enjoy deep meaningful conversations about the meaning of life & the universe. My hobbies include biking, swimming, photography, reading, the outdoors, camping, gardening, walking in the woods & anima

49 year old man


45 year old man

I'm hoping to meet someone who is cool, real, down to earth and really goodlooking to hang out with and maybe more. I consider myself to be honest, respectful, caring, and have a big heart to those I care about. I DO NOT care for the gay scene or drama.

46 year old man

It is so hard to talk about yourself. But let me give it a try. My name is Quincy. I am 6 feet tall, 195 pounds. I have never been married and have no kids. I am looking for a girl who is attractive, fun, and with a good personality. Someone I can take out on the town or just chill.

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