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Do you feel yourself a little bit lonely? Do you want to find someone in Santa Clarita, but you think that you’re too old for a new relationship. No matter how old you are, what you have a religion or other things. joins lots of senior single women over 50+ in Santa Clarita, so you can find your partner who’s looking for love right in your city! has been created for senior women that know what they want and they all have common interests. You don’t meet here fake profiles, because we have strong verification system. Also, you will find absolutely different personalities in the dating site, so you can click with someone for sure. has a very clear navigation system. In order to join the dating website, you need to make some easy steps. In the begging, you need to create your profile and choose the best your photo profile. Next, you need to write some information about yourself and that’s all. You’re ready for dating with older women.

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Santa Clarita Senior Women Dating

61 year old woman

Well not alot to say about myself.........I'm a single mom, who loves her son, and family more than life itself. I'm a true believer in God, and that all things are possible through him. My son Mark takes up most of my free time, but I wouldn't have it any other way, his teenage years are

57 year old woman

Let me stop at say my name is Carmen Quinones . I also have Facebook you can look me up and I have three grown kids who are adults already had three beautiful grandkids ...... also I am married getting divorced. I’m looking for somebody who is close to my area I live in the Bronx I don’t like my long distant relationship I would like to meet somebody here as a friend to get to know them I really don’t like getting hit by aman I’ve been through so much that it took me 2years to learn how to trust a ma i’m looking for somebody who is closer to me in the cross I don’t like the long distant relationship I would like to look at somebody that I could get to know as a friend and just take it from there I am woman I don’t play no game. My ex-husband you say it like that why stop I will never ever let another man laid a hand on me good night I had a woman not a man....................I also have Facebook and Instagram ....... Is there anybody in this website that lives in the Bronx out of my meeting people here as a friend or any of the other things but I don’t do not do long distance relationship it’s OK we can text of course of the boat launches do this and that’s not my car party th. Is this anybody here that list lake on the Bronx everybody is mostly long distance with a live that where I’m located in the balls I don’t like long-distance relationship

47 year old woman

I live in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I studied in Cupey, Inter-American University, Metropolitan Campus, BBA in Accounting. I like good sunny days on the beach. I prefer summer time. I love to travel, hear Reggeaton Music and go to nice Restaurants. I enjoy a good companion, love to danc

65 year old woman

Hi. I’m a Fun and Sweet Woman. Honest Loving. I Love Life. Love to Cook. Travel. Just staying at home watching Movies. Being with A Good Guy. I also love Football. I’m a Green Bay Packers Girl.

65 year old woman

I have 4 wonderful kids, Valerie, Deedee , Daniel 3rd,and Vincent Lopez, 6 grandkids-Sabrena, Alexus,Jochua,Alex jr,Breanna, & Nicholas. married don Mulhall

66 year old woman

Living life on life's terms on a daily basis...start my day with "OK Lord, of myself, you know I am dangerous, so make your will clear to me and keep me and my family and friends safe for one more day." Seems that His will for me for the past 2 years is that everything has changed.

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