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San Jose Senior Women Dating

40 year old woman

My darling daughter started kindergarten and I am so proud of her!!! We made it this far then my dear Friend Marissa had to make the comment that we'll be shopping for the girls prom dresses before we know it!!!! AHHH!!! So, I just wanted to change up my s**t here and let my girls know how

40 year old woman

Hey there. thanks for reading my profile. I never know what to say'm here hoping to meet someone who i can get to know and see what could develop. I would love to be in a long term relationship but there is no rush. I'm very honest and trustworthy.I enjoy swimming, fishing, boating etc

42 year old woman

If I was to describe the way that I see me, I would sound to good to be true...Isn't that the case with everyone???? So what I can say about me is that I am who I say I am. No hidden secrets, no lies, nothing fake, just me. Oh and I live in Fresno, Ca.

40 year old woman

Mixture of "Ice & Fire", a Genie was borned.. girl originally from Taiwan,now live in San Jose of CA,USA. In my free time,I like: Photography,go to nature,create myown poems,dance,shopping,travel,listen music.(Alternative Rock,Techno,Trance,Rave music)

42 year old woman

I spend alot of time thinking about the future, how i can make changes for the full life i dream of On a typical Friday night, I am Home but try to have fun where ever i may be. hopng next friday i will be some place else. The most private thing i am willing to admit is, I am a very very private person even most of my friends really dont know me unless i really really would trust them with my secrets.... I am really good at talking, listening, helping people and maybe things you might get to discover on your own. The first thing people actualy notice about me is my hair, yea thats what they tell me. Sarcasm and sense of humor or senseless humor, you can decide. Favorite books, movies, shows, music and food Non Fiction and true crime books, i love to learn new things

46 year old woman

well I'm interested in a very nice romantic guy that wants to snuggle and baby me and have fun togeather and wants to take. long rides togeather just over all a nice loyal man that's willing to have a relationship with me we will get to know eachother have laughs togeather go places im a simple girl

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