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Do you feel yourself a little bit lonely? Do you want to find someone in Huntington Beach, but you think that you’re too old for a new relationship. No matter how old you are, what you have a religion or other things. joins lots of senior single women over 50+ in Huntington Beach, so you can find your partner who’s looking for love right in your city! has been created for senior women that know what they want and they all have common interests. You don’t meet here fake profiles, because we have strong verification system. Also, you will find absolutely different personalities in the dating site, so you can click with someone for sure. has a very clear navigation system. In order to join the dating website, you need to make some easy steps. In the begging, you need to create your profile and choose the best your photo profile. Next, you need to write some information about yourself and that’s all. You’re ready for dating with older women.

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Huntington Beach Senior Women Dating

44 year old woman

Single mother of a very hyper curious and active little girl. I work, go to school, and take care of her. She is my life, my world. I had recently graduated college with my diploma in Medical Administrative Assistant, and now I am about to finish with my Associates degree in the same field. I'm honest, sincere, loving, caring, compassionate, faithful, but I'm also hard-headed, stubborn, have OCD (little), and I speak my mind and speak the truth. I am told old for games and I won't tolerate drama in my life. I have enough of that raising a little girl who is hyper, curious, active, has attitude already, and has been raised as the only child. I have other kids, but they are either grown or have been adopted. If you want to judge a book by it's cover please move on, but if you want to really get to know me and my daughter shoot me a message. My heritage consists of Cherokee and Lakota Sioux Indian, Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, English, and of course American.

49 year old woman

Just to let all you men out there. This is my profile but it's been at least 6 years since this pic. I'm no longer on this site I just happen to access it. Yes I'm single still I just choose not to be with no one. I'm no longer in Vegas I live me in Reno. I'm not into long distant relationships

56 year old woman

I,m looking for a long-term relationship with someone who doesn't believe in playing games.If there's a man who understands this let's talk and get to know each other.My hobbies are fishing and crabbing, dancing, and going to the movies Love to cook and spend time with my family.

53 year old woman

So I am in Oregon. I am looking for gentlemen in my area. I am an adventurous woman who likes to get out and do thing. Hike up to the hot springs. Spend the day looking for pretty I want to laugh and make the most of each day. I hope to find someone to spend time with...

46 year old woman

I'm fun, outgoing, likes to laugh, sense of humor, nice personality, enjoys massages, love walks on the beach, having nice conversations, going out for coffee, love going to the movies, and making new friends

46 year old woman

What can I tell you guys about me that you don't already know? I'm real, whatever comes up comes out. I don't give anyone respect that does not deserve it. God is the alpha and omega!

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