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Baytown Senior Women Dating

45 year old woman

i am a shy female with a lot of potentials in making her man happy. Don't let the shyness fool ya. I have 4 beautiful children ages 11-16. I am 6'0; 250 lbs; light skinned. I like a man with humor. I like to go out about once a month; like watching t.v. and movies; like riding around a lot

46 year old woman

blessed woman. I have done alot of things n my life dat I am not proud of...but I thank the Lord for being a 4givin God and an AWESOME GOD!!!!Life is wonderful once u learn 2 accept the things dat u can't change and not complain about the things u can. U heard it all b4

46 year old woman

I like to have fun. It doesn't really matter where. I've got a lot to offer, but I'm looking for Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now. I live out in the country, near Luling and Gonzales, TX. I grew up in SA and visit my family there a lot. I love football - Texans and basketball - SPURS! What about you?

46 year old woman

i am a single mother of 3 but i not all of my kids live with me i enjoy the out doors i love animales i am a 100% country girl . i can tell you more about me if you ever want to get to know me better. So if u think ur my type of guy and u want to know me better

46 year old woman

Ok this is me, 39, mom to 3 grown girls, Randi and Casey are 19, And jessica will be 18 in a couple months. Randi is married to andy is mom to my 6 month old grandson Landon and is expecting again we just found out, so the new little one should be here around Sept.

52 year old woman

retired NASA JSC Administrtor, now an Intererior Designer working on my ver own project house in Baytown. Down to earth, can dress up and make them all turn an gander yet love to get my hands in the dirt and paint all over my overalls. ask me out, I'll go. I'm on a mission to find my man!

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